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Surprise Crawlies Set

Surprise Crawlies Set

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By purchasing this listing you will receive one surprise, mystery color set of crawlies.
A set of crawlies includes: one moth, one grub and one cicada. 
If you list any specific colors your order will be refunded.

Things to note:
-Will be in Soft (0030) firmness
-Item will be a SURPRISE coloration (marble, solid, rainbow, drippy, stripes, etc)
-These items are PREMADE but some may qualify as a 'B. Grade' item. 
A B. Grade item is a product that has been discounted for one or more of the following reasons: airbubble(s), fragment, fragment removal, hard pigment specks, rough trim job, etc. Most of these issues are cosmetic but some may require extra care when cleaning. 

Crawlies have a flat trimmed base. These can be unevenly trimmed due to manufacturing limitations. 

All sizing information can be found in the Crew section. 

All product is hand made and may have minimal mold flaws. Any unexpected errors will be noted at the top of applicable listings. 

We do not accept cancellations or refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

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