The First Mate

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Craiwulf was picked up in port after complaining loudly about how the captain was bringing him out of retirement.  In spite of how irritated his words are, his tone and demeanor seem almost relieved to be on board a ship again.  He seems to greet several of the crew as old companions, but he pauses at you. 

Eyes narrowing as he scales you up like a beast trying to feel out a strange new creature crossing its path.  The captain introduces you both, beaming and making a lighthearted comment.  Wulf seems to relax into a smile, maybe with a bit more reassurance and good work on deck, you can earn the loyalty of the older dog.

Craiwulf is a wolf-man/werewolf based model featuring human(esque) anatomy with a round beastly swell near the base. This model was originally designed with assistance from Helbite on Twitter.