Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue with my order!

Please contact us within three days of arrival and prior to opening your product from its sealed bag. Once the product has been opened we are unable to offer any sort of refunds/exchanges or assistance.

Is your shipping discreet?

Yes it is! We do not include any indication on the outside of our parcels as to the contents within.

We currently ship using flat rate USPS boxes, you can view what they look like on the usps website.

What is a 'B. Grade Item'?

A B. Grade item is a product that has been discounted for one or more of the following reasons: airbubble(s), fragment, fragment removal, hard pigment specks, rough trim job, etc. Most of these issues are cosmetic but some may require extra care when cleaning.

Any item that would typically fall to a 'C' or lower grade does not get listed or sold and are simply destroyed and safely discarded.

I put in the wrong address! What do I do?

Contact us ASAP! If the parcel is already on its way we cannot adjust the address.

Please be sure to verify your shipping address when ordering as we are not responsible for parcels shipped to incorrect locations. What you put in for a shipping address is what we will print directly to the label. :) Thank you!

My item has a smell/ I'm scent sensitive/ allergic to pet hair ...

All products may have a minimal smell given the nature of manufacture. This can also be caused by tape, bags, stickers, etc.

That said all products are also manufactured in my home art studio. Incense is burned in my home, we have pets, some people in my home also wear colognes.

Please keep these factors in mind when purchasing. Thanks!

I want a toy poured in specific colors! Where do I order that?

Unfortunately due to time constraints we do not offer custom poured toys.

However we do have our 'Summon a Friend' section which allows you to order a surprise mystery friend or one in a specific house coloration. :)

Do you ship to (insert country)?

At this time we only ship in the USA. Thank you for the interest!

Do you offer Medium or Firm firmness?

Sometimes! But for the most part we pour in Soft (0030 on the shore scale).

When I set my toy down on some paper it left a residue what is it?

That's entirely normal! Silicone toys or squishies, especially in soft or extra soft, can leave a little residue behind. This residue is dimethicone and isn't harmful. According to the FDA dimethicone is safe and in many skincare products.

Do you still make _____?

All of our currently available models are in the Catalog section.

If you see an item there but its currently out of stock, no worries! More should be available in an upcoming drop so be sure to keep an eye on our twitter or sign up to the newsletter for updates!

Can I cancel my order?

We do not allow cancellations or refunds after an order has been placed.

Can I return my purchase?

Due to the nature of the products we sell we do not accept returns.

We list firmness options, sizing information and any potential flaws with each item so please be sure to thoroughly read over the product information.

Do you offer free items to reviewers?

Not at this time.

We will announce on twitter if/when we are looking for reviewers. Thank you!

I have an idea for a model! Do you want to buy it?

At this time our workbench is stuffed full with new models and old models getting their glow up! So right now no, we are not looking for model suggestions or to buy any sculpts but thank you for thinking of us!

My question isnt listed here!

Please contact us via the contact page with your question!