Glory Portal

An open portal for your use...

As you approach the shady motel door you squint. Is that blood? Is that paint? Those are certainly handprints...before you can choose to stay or go the door opens into darkness and you choose to step inside.

A candle flickers. One light, then two and soon? There are five lit. The hotel room seems oddly vacant, but there is a very clear inverted pentagram upon the floor, the five candles at each point and now that you've arrived? Well, you brought the final offering... yourself.

The summon circle ignites. It glows and pulses and you swear you can see two hands appear on the floor but....are they under the floor? They appear to be entirely cast in shadow and you almost reach out to touch it but then a humanoid like figure becomes aparant. The center of the circle opens and something pierces through the veil.

"As below........Your offering is........accepted....."

An appendage, wet and glistening with a clear curved shaft and an eagerly dripping head reveals itself. It seems the demon on the other side has answered your call...

Introducing the Glory Portal! A highly textured, curved model with its own summon circle base!