The Galley Cook

Leonius is the Lustful Rambler's cook who taste tests everything and we do mean everything!

He's been caught more than once putting his tongue where it doesn't belong... like in the evening stew.

You've been told the cook was a large man and after catching sight of him in the galley you can now believe what you've heard. It seemed like his hulk of a frame could barely fit within the galley space but he moved with ease and speed to prepare the crew's next meal. You also notice that he shares a similar appearance to Linus and after meeting the master carpenter you assume that Leonius will be just as friendly up until he barks at you to keep your grubby mits out of the supplies and that food will be ready soon enough. He watches you warily and seems to loom over the supply table before him as if ready to leap right over it if you try to snag a snack.

You stammer an apology and after he gives a grunt and gestures with a large hand to a stack of crates near you and offers you an apple to tide you over until supper. It may take some time for the old cook to warm up to you but there seems to be potential....

Leonius is always hungry and ready to please! With a forked tapered tongue and a highly detailed base this stone guardian is a fun art piece. The original sculpt for Leonius was made by Yves of Blue Ritual. He now has been updated to todays standards with entirely new textures and three sizes!