The King of Tides

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The ship has traveled far and wide across the seas, enjoying her bounty. However on your way back to port you've stumbled into a horrible storm. The Lustful Rambler is jerked too and fro from dusk till dawn, her sails creak and the crew scrambles to try to keep her steady. Once daybreak hits you find the ship is in oddly still water. There is no wind...there are no waves. You do see a rock off the port of the ship, black and jutting from the sea. Upon it is a larger man it a man? With long tentacles making up their lower half but the upper half of a man it tricks your eyes at first and the rest of the crew seems to take pause to eye this stranger with you. 

The figure leans up, coiled on the stone almost like a serpent and points an engraved silver staff toward you and the crew. "I am Mako, King of the Tides and you will provide me an offering if you ever wish to sail again." After they give a rather clear smirk, looking rather cocky about the situation they have put you in. You turn back to the crew who all seem to be equally baffled. What could you possibly offer a king? 

Mako is our resident tentacle with a rippling spade shaped design and playful swell about mid shaft. This model slips down into a thinner stem to help create a 'full' sensation. Due to the details of Mako's suckers, extra care may be required when cleaning.