The Quartermaster

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Torval is the Lustful Rambler's quartermaster who seems to always have a pocket book in hand accounting for supplies. He stalks the ship with heavy steps and doesn't hesitate to poke his head into your room (rather abruptly) to bark questions at you for what you have for supplies in your room and if you've been given the proper distribution of blankets. He eyes you with a rather intense stare and gives gruff grunts in response as you frantically count the blankets in your room and other assorted items. Later on in the day he returns to you with a new batch of blankets and takes your old ones for some other task and he seems far more gentle in his actions than his voice portrays. 

Other crewmembers on the ship advise you that Torval is rather serious about ensuring each crew member has exactly what they need and any boarding missions or exploration they do usually results in Torval having certain items (along with any booty found) hauled aboard the Lustful Rambler. He's to thank for you having a full belly and warm cot and seems to be viewed as the general watchful mature protector among the crew. 

Torval was designed with a swelled shaft and a slight spiked or barbed head and some ridged fins near the base. The base itself provides enough for you to hold without it being too bulky. It is also harness compatible